Floor Trusses

Our expert design team can customize your floor trusses to exactly how you need them. This includes custom utility chases built into the truss to allow for easy HVAC, electrical and plumbing installation without the need for vertical chases in your floor plan.  Save space in your floor plan and experience the advantage of longer joist spans between bearings by looking at our customized floor trusses!
*You can see an example of this in the picture below in the center of of the floor trusses.Contractors-page


Floor Truss Details:

  • Our Floor Trusses are available in many different widths and sizes to making customizing easy.
  • Our floor trusses feature a chase opening to conceal untidy utilities and wires.
  • Since floor trusses are stronger than traditional joists, longer free span can be accomplished.
  • Instead of traditional 1 1/2″ to 1 3/4″ surface, floor trusses give you 3 1/2″ surface for fastening floor and ceilings.



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