"With over 18 years of providing quality roof & floor trusses and EWPs, "

Overholt Truss is recognized as the premier truss supplier in the area.

Engineered Wood Products

Our Engineered Wood Products(EWP) like I-joist, LVL, and Rim Board are produced to the highest industry standards.

Roof Trusses

Roof trusses have been the heart of our work at Overholt Truss. With a combined 80 years of truss building experience, you can be sure we have worked with nearly every truss known to man.

Floor Trusses

Our expert design team can customize your floor trusses to exactly how you need them. This includes custom utility chases built into the truss to allow for easy HVAC, electrical and plumbing installation without the need for vertical chases in your floor plan.